This wearable art piece was inspired by Elizabethan standing collars and the traditional bead weaving of the Saraguran people of Ecuador.   The silver is hand forged recycled sterling silver.

The tourmaline rondelle beads scattered throughout the woven pearls progressively change from pink in the back, to green, blue, and lastly to black in the front.  Tiny freshwater pearls fade from pinks, to peaches, then to whites in the front. Sapphire briolettes of varying colors dangle at the edge of one side of the piece.

The front of the necklace is very fluid and moves easily with the wearers body. This necklace is made to be comfortably worn and also displayed as an art piece in your home.

Materials: recycled sterling silver, freshwater pearls, tourmaline, sapphires, nylon thread.

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