This piece is part a series of sculptural necklaces I made from coffee shop waste such as coffee cups, stir sticks, and coffee cup jackets. The series was an attempt to bring to light the incredible amount of trash disposable coffee cups create.

In 2010 Americans consumed 23 billion coffee cups. To create those cups 9 million trees were cut down, 5 billion gallons of water were used, creating 363 billion pounds of waste.

FireFall is made from coffee cup jackets that have been folded, painted, and varnished. The necklace is lightweight and easy to wear. When you put it on it makes a beautiful sound similar to bamboo wind-chimes in a light breeze. The back of the necklace can be taken off and a simple chain attached for times when the wearer would like a smaller version of the necklace.

The piece comes with a plexiglass box/protective case, in which it can be stored in and displayed on a wall in your home as an art piece.

Materials: cardboard coffee cup jackets, sterling silver, gunmetal chain, hematite
photos by Kitfox Valentin

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