Cup 'O

Cup 'O


Cup ‘O is part a series of necklaces I made from coffee shop waste such as coffee cups, stir sticks, and coffee cup jackets. The series was an attempt to bring to light the incredible amount of trash disposable coffee cups create.

The chemicals and plastics used to make coffee cups durable also coincidentally make this necklace durable.  This piece can be worn in several different ways and moves gently with the wearers body.

The loss of natural habitat potential from one paper coffee cup is estimated to be .93 square feet. That is almost a square foot of forest per coffee cup.  Americans used and estimated 23 billion coffee cups in 2010. It can take as little as 1.7 billion coffee cups with sleeves to trigger a potential species extinction. Please remember to bring your mug to the coffee shop next time!

Cup 'O is made to order, please allow for 1 month for delivery

materials: coffee cups, recycled gold, glue
photos by Kitfox Valentin

This neck piece comes with a plexiglass box/protective case, in which it can be stored in and displayed on a wall in your home as an art piece.

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