Apex en Vogue

Apex en Vogue


This piece is named after Apex Regional Land Fill outside of Las Vegas.

The city of Las Vegas creates 9,000 tons of waste every day.

Apex en Vogue is part of a series of sculptural jewelry pieces I created using paper that was made from cotton clothing thrift stores had declared “unsellable” and were being taken to the land fill.  I created this series to bring awareness to the environmental and humanitarian effects of the fashion industry and encourage people to buy organic, fair trade, and recycled clothing.

22 % of all insecticides used worldwide are sprayed on cotton crops, and it is estimated that three million people are poisoned by pesticides every year.  Organic cotton farming takes 1.5 tons of CO2 per acre per year out of the atmosphere.

The paper used in this necklace was created by Anne Beck and Dietmar Krumrey of the Lost Coast Culture Machine in Fort Bragg California.  To learn more about the paper click here

The piece comes with a plexiglass box/protective case, in which it can be stored in and displayed on a wall in your home as an art piece.

Materials:  paper made from blue cotton clothing, shellac, recycled sterling, copper, moss aquamarine cabochon, freshwater pearls, various types of garnets.

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