Bespoke pieces

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Russian Wave_model_side view_Lexi Daly.jpg

Russian wave

Inspired by a traditional Russian bead weaving stitch called Jabot. Jabot is translated as a “cascade of lace” and is a term for the lace sewn into the front opening of a man’s shirt in the 17th century. The undulating movement of this stitch reminded me so much of the way metal bends and forms under the careful work of a hammer and flame, the two seemed to be meant to work together

Arana_Lexi Daly_web.jpg

Araña Collar

This necklace is made in the traditional netted weave of the Saraguro people of southern Ecuador.  This stitch inspired my Telerana necklace

Materials: seed beads, nylon thread, 2003


One is Two Ring_LexiDaly .jpg

One is Two Ring

Two separate rings that fit together to form one ring

Jabot Necklace

Jabot Collar

This piece was the inspiration for theRussian Wave Necklace I made in 2007, it is made using a traditional Russian bead weaving stitch called jabot which means “bit of lace.” Materials: seed beads, bugle beads, antique glass button, 2002


Hammered Gold wedding bands

14k recycled gold


NDebele Collar

Created using traditional beading stitches of the Ndebele people of South Africa.

Foating Fans_Side_LexiDaly_web.jpg

Floating Fans Necklace

A sustainable wearable art pieces made from recycled coffee stir sticks and silver wire.



Sustainable sapphire engagement ring

A gorgeous blue Montana Sapphire sustainably mined and cut in Montana.  Set in recycled silver


Two Finger Ring_Lexi Daly_web.jpg

Two Finger Ring

Ring that is worn on the middle two fingers