Stirred Up

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Commissions only – to commission an individualized piece click here to contact me 

Stirred Up_Back_LexiDaly_webThis piece is part a series of necklaces I made from coffee shop waste such as coffee cups, stir sticks, and coffee cup jackets. I created the series to bring to light the incredible amount of trash disposable coffee cups create.

Stirred Up is made from coffee stir sticks with a flexible metal wire running through the necklace making it possible to shape it to comfortably fit the curves of the wearers body.

Surprizingly, wooden coffee stir sticks are a unsustainable and virtually non-compostable product.  Even more surprizing: plastic stir sticks break down faster than wooden ones.  Most stir sticks are made from birch trees, which do not grow at a quick enough rate to be sustainable, and their populations are being devastated solely by the production of stir sticks.

The piece comes with a plexiglass box/protective case, in which it can be stored in and displayed on a wall in your home as an art piece.

Materials: coffee stir sticks, sterling wire, permacel tape
Photos by Kitfox Valentin